Herbal tea Aelita - Friend of the intestines 30g

Herbal tea Aelita - Friend of the intestines 30g

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On certain days, we can feel bad - and sometimes we can also point the finger at our intestines. So let's not underestimate food! With an appropriate and balanced diet, we can often make life easier.

 At the same time, we can also serve homemade tea, which will support our efforts to feel better.

 Try delicious tea blends originating from the highlands. Everything you can find in the offer is already according to our philosophy friendly to nature and unprocessed with various additives. 

Krvenka, blackberry leaves, g. spleenwort, marigold, marjoram, fennel.
Steam a pinch with 2.5 dl of water and let it stand for 10 minutes.
Ecological farm Grilc, Šenturška Gora, Cerklje