Mission of Krašovka


Kraševka is a home shop that is February 1, 2008 in the old city center of Ljubljana, on Ciril Metodov trg, opened the family company Kraške poti d.o.o. from Kozina. In forAt the beginning of 2016, we moved to Vodnikov trg 4, where we are still today.

The founders are the couple Slava and Smiljan Sosič, from Ljubljana and Kraševec, lovers and connoisseurs of home-made food, customs and traditions.

The development of the idea is connected with many years of experience in the field of food marketing, learning, listening and trying.

And also the long-standing disagreement with the way of marketing domestic Slovenian products and food on Slovenian retail shelves.

Kraševka wants to remind us to the primary and really important values that we must not forget:

  • respect for tradition
  • the right to know the indigenous tradition
  • the awareness that food is pleasure, health, ritual and companionship

Крашевка educates, informs, helps and connects. The story of Kraševka does not end with the sale of the product. Sales is only a small part of a much broader, comprehensive and carefully planned connection of people, here and there.