Aelita herbal tea - 33 flowers 30g

Aelita herbal tea - 33 flowers 30g

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Homemade tea blend with the taste and smell of the mountains. It consists of flowers found in nature and grown at home in the garden. It is suitable for the whole family and can be drunk at any time.

 The tea has a pleasant taste and smell, as mountain tea should be. Enrich it with various sweeteners, or as they used to do - with a dash of rum and a slice of lemon.

 The 33 ROSES tea blend is suitable for gifting, as its taste and smell will take us back to our grandmother's kitchen, where it always smelled like tea.

 Herbs come from healthy surroundings. Before packing them in bags, we take care of a manual quality check. Our philosophy is to act nature friendly and according to her tradition.

A mixture of mountain and domestic flowers.
Steam a pinch with 2.5 dl of water and let it stand for 10 minutes.
Ecological farm Grilc, Šenturška Gora, Cerklje