Herbal tea Aelita - Bronchi 30g

Herbal tea Aelita - Bronchi 30g

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Indulge in the smell and taste of a cup of Bronchi tea!


We present an herbal mixture that was traditionally intended for respiratory support. Drinking is recommended in winter and during colds. It is intended for everyone with problems during this period, and it is also a good prevention.

 Great tasting tea that adults and children can enjoy every day. Drink one cup warm two to three times a day. If desired, sweeten it.

 Herbs come from healthy surroundings. Before packing them in bags, we take care of a manual quality check. Our philosophy is to act nature friendly and according to her tradition.

Plantain, spleenwort, thyme, chamomile, linden, sage, lemon balm, elderberry, rosemary.
Steam a pinch with 2.5 dl of water and let it stand for 7 minutes.
Ecological farm Grilc, Šenturška Gora, Cerklje