Strengthen resistance with herbs

Sweet wormwood herbal tea we drink to boost the immune system. Relieves problems with fever and cold. It is best to drink it fresh twice a day for one cup.

Herbal drops of sweet wormwood (sweet wormwood in homemade brandy 40%) is consumed 2-3 times a day for 30 drops in water or tea. Strengthens the body and relieves problems with flu and colds.

Herbal drops of American straw. Strawberries strengthen the immune system, so it is used for colds and bacterial diseases. External drops are used for disinfection and rinsing of wounds, punctures, abrasions. (American straw in homemade brandy 40%).

Bronchi tea relieves problems with colds, dry cough, bronchitis and asthma. We drink one cup twice a day.

Herbal drops of thyme have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system; externally they are used to disinfect the mouth and throat.

Thyme ointment relieves cough, helps to excrete mucus, soothes the respiratory tract.

Sage tea strengthens vitality and protects the body from disease. Externally, it is a good help in relieving problems in the oral cavity and throat, with inflamed gums.

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