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Honey-fruit spreads Medenka consists of two natural ingredients - Slovenian flower honey and lyophilized fruit, which is processed in such a way as to preserve as much as 97% of all vitamins and minerals!

When preparing our honey spreads, we do not heat above 37 degrees Celsius, which means that the honey retains all its natural qualities. Learn about the benefits of consuming honey.

Gingerbread spreads are an excellent and, above all, healthier substitute for jams and marmalades. Many experts agree. We are proud that in many schools and kindergartens, food organizers regularly include our spreads in the preparation of menus.

Honey-fruit spreads can be spread on bread or pancakes. You can mix them into plain yogurt or cottage cheese, but you can also use them as a topping for milky rice, semolina, waffles or fruit salads.

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