Collection: Extra virgin olive oil of Slovenian Istria - protected designation of origin

Extra virgin olive oil of Slovenian Istria

In Slovenian Istria, olive fruits have been enjoyed since ancient times. When in 177 BC. n. no. The Romans occupied Istria, olive growing was an established agricultural industry in these places, and Istrian olive oil was highly valued.

Environmental impacts: The coastal strip of the northern Adriatic is geographically the northernmost border where olives can still be grown. In Slovenia, olives grow in the coastal area up to the Karst edge, they also thrive in Goriška Brda and in some places in the Vipava Valley.

Organic production: Organically grown olive oil represents a step forward in upgrading the beneficial properties of olive oil. It has all the elements of integrated production, but differs in that the choice of plant protection products is different and strictly limited. Olive growers use natural methods to control diseases and pests, as each pest has its own natural enemy. Against the biggest pest, the olive fly, they set baits with natural preparations on the leeward side of the canopy. They use only permitted biological fertilizers. Organic production is supervised several times a year by a professional organization authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia.


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